How to Uninstall Autodesk Navisworks Freedom Step by Step

Have you been looking for a solution to completely uninstall Autodesk Navisworks Freedom? Is Autodesk Navisworks Freedom poping up error message that you can't update or upgrade your current version due to incomplete uninstallation? Is the error message saying that you can't install Autodesk Navisworks Freedom because of incompatibility with other apps that you're not adware of at all? Are the Autodesk Navisworks Freedom and releted leftovers taking up large drive space and you don't know how to find and clean them up?

We'll guide you to resolve these issues by completely uninstalling Autodesk Navisworks Freedom & associated leftovers. It is recommended that you use UninstallService, which is legit, cheap and well reviewed by professionals.

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How to Get to Know Your Computer Manufacturer

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How to Uninstall Autodesk Navisworks Freedom Manually Step by Step

  • Go to Autodesk Navisworks Freedom's official website and get Autodesk Navisworks Freedom.exe. Open with the option administrator Run.
  • You need to begin your computer in safe mode. Then run the utility and identify the place of the Autodesk Navisworks Freedom program file in the next window or leave the default is correct. Then click Uninstall.
  • Wait for the process to complete. It may take some time. In the end, you need to restart your computer.

How to Uninstall Autodesk Navisworks Freedom Automatically

Using UninstallService to uninstall Autodesk Navisworks Freedom is proven to be effective and very simple. With a few simple-to-follow steps, the Autodesk Navisworks Freedom app will be thoroughly uninstalled and the leftovers completely removed.

Video demo to uninstall Windows apps using UninstallService, the uninstall process is the same with Autodesk Navisworks Freedom.